The New Years Revolution has started!

3 min readDec 5, 2022


Join the New Years Revolution from the 1st of December to 27th of December, with up to 5 ETH worth of prizes — and what’s even better is that we have a whole host of ways that you can win!

Draw on MurAll to win!

Calling all artists! Draw on MurAll and share your artwork on Twitter with #MurAllNYR to be in with a chance of winning the following prizes:

Most liked/shared entry drawn on Ethereum: 1 ETH + 5 Million $PAINT
Most liked/shared entry drawn on Polygon: 1000 MATIC + 5 Million $PAINT
MurAll team top pick: 0.5 ETH + 250 MATIC + 5 Million $PAINT + 5 FRAMES

10 runners up will also get 1 FRAMES NFT, and 100 runners up will get a super stylish Decentraland wearable MurAll cap!
Remember ANYONE can draw on MurAll with no registration and no restriction on what you can draw!

Burn $PAINT to win!

Each drawing on MurAll burns $PAINT

As you all know the process of drawing on MurAll burns any $PAINT used in the transaction (0.5 $PAINT per pixel) so we have 2 prize tiers for the most $PAINT burned from drawing on either MurAll on Ethereum or Polygon during our New Years Revolution:

🔥Most Paint burned on Ethereum: 0.5 ETH + 2.5 Million $PAINT
🔥Most Paint burned on Polygon: 500 MATIC + 2.5 Million $PAINT

Mint Frames to win!

Frames is our collection of revolutionary NFTs which allow collectors to mount their existing NFTs of any size in a decorative, rare and highly collectible frame (or even bind an NFT into the Frame to create a single ultra rare NFT compounding both the rarity of the Framee with its contents!) with cross chain functionality allowing you to display your NFTs from other chains onto Ethereum!!!

We’re also hosting a raffle for 1 ETH + 5 million $PAINT, where every Frame NFT minted will include entrance into the raffle (meaning the more you mint the higher your chances!). What’s more is any Frames NFTs that you previously minted before the competition started will count as entries to the raffle - all you have to do is mint at least one during the New Years Revolution!

Spread the word

In order to activate the maximum 5 ETH prize fund 100 entrants must be reached. Until that target is hit prizes will be a percentage based on the amount of entries (e.g. 50 entries = 50% of the total prize) so tell everyone you know about New Years Revolution and encourage them to enter!

You have from the 1st of December all the way through to the 27th of December to enter, and the winners will be announced on New Years Day to really kick things off for 2023!

For more information and up to date stats throughout New Years Revolution check out the dedicated section on our website:

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