The Grid is now available! A Boring Security x MurAll collaboration

3 min readNov 3, 2022


We love what Boring Security are doing about the sorely needed education around the blockchain space so much that we jumped at the opportunity to team up with them to bring you The Supporter Grid — a 10 x 7 grid of NFTs powered by MurAll with a ton of benefits!

What is the Boring Security Supporter Grid?

Exclusively available to the Supporter Cult, users have access to draw on the super prominently fancy display in the Yacht Club (which may or may not be on the Maintenance Closet Door), and sort-of smack-dab-in-the-center of the Boring Security official website (as well as other cool benefits). Shill your wares, and/or show your support for getting Boring Security out of the club basement and into an office with a working toilet!

Each NFT allows access to ONE 160x160 pixel square on The Grid. The artwork you fill it with is stored completely on-chain using MurAlls Blockmap encoding in true pixel-art style so that the penises you draw are naturally censored!

Fancy sharing the fun?

Enable “Free For All” mode in your NFT to allow holders of the Boring Security 101 NFT (available after attending the Boring Security classes) to draw in your portion of The Grid! Any grid pieces that glow pink when hovered over are in Free-For-All mode so if you see that pink glow that’s the go ahead to go to town on that piece!

Powered by Paint

The Grid requires MurAll’s native digital token PAINT to enable artists to draw onto their portion. Every pixel you draw on costs 1 PAINT, so your 160 x 160 pixel grid portion will use 25600 PAINT per coverage. As with other MurAll projects that draw on the global PAINT supply — once used it can’t be taken off and reused! This finite supply of PAINT encourages artists to produce work they are passionate about as the more that is used, the less is available!!

Works with Frames

Frames NFT holders can enhance their experience by enabling their Frame on the Grid for an even more luxurious display! Just select the “Use Frames with The Grid” menu option on the main site to select your Frame, and see it appear on The Grid state page!

Other Supporter NFT Benefits:

  • 1 Vote in the “Boring Security DAO Funds Pool (coming soon)”
  • The ability to introduce or ‘co-sponsor’ proposals to access the Boring Security DAO Funds Pool (coming soon).
  • Access to draw on your portion of the Supporter Grid (displayed on the front-page of the Boring Security site as well as the dedicated site)
  • Access to a special channel in the Boring Security Discord with increased access to our founders and contributors
  • Discounted products and services
  • Our eternal gratitude ❤️

Mint details:

  • Max supply: 70
  • Price: 2.69 ETH + tx fee
  • Mint bonus: 76800 PAINT (enough for 3 coverages of your Grid piece!)
  • Network: Ethereum

Mint yours today at

Or if you’re too late — grab one on one of the secondary markets:




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