PAINT Token information

2 min readFeb 8, 2021


Note that the total supply will decrease over time with every drawing produced on MurAll due to the PAINT being burned as part of the drawing transaction (0.5 PAINT fixed cost per pixel drawn).

Distribution information

As we stated in our litepaper the total supply of PAINT will be 22,020,096,000 (which is calculated from the 0.5 PAINT fixed cost per pixel to draw on MurAll, with a possible 21,000 entire coverings of the 2048 x 1024 pixel canvas) and the PAINT is distributed as follows:

  • 42.02% going to known artists (we have a list of 8824 addresses collated from Known Origin/Rarible/SuperRare/Async Art, snapshotted 15/11/2020; each address will be able to claim 1,048,576 PAINT — enough for 1 entire coverage of MurAll) totalling 9,252,634,624 PAINT
  • 40% to existing NFT holders (we collated a list of 45511 addresses of ERC721 NFT hodlers with both incoming and outgoing ERC721 transactions and thus demonstrate competency with ERC721, snapshotted 18/12/2020; each address will be able to claim 193,537 PAINT) totalling 8,808,062,407 PAINT
  • 3% to us 3 founders (1% each, which is 220,200,960.00 PAINT) totalling 660,602,880 PAINT
  • 14.98% left over for us to use for running costs/competitions/events/commissions/social stuff, and also to give the few people that have helped us with testing etc a little something as a thank you (we were thinking enough for maybe 2/3 coverages of MurAll) totalling 3,298,820,096 PAINT

Please note that some addresses counted as both artists and NFT holders and thus they were deemed eligible for both claims.

To ensure that MurAll hit the ground running, we targeted wallets of users we believed to be crypto artists or active in the NFT community. Therefore we searched for addresses of verified artists and wallets with both incoming and outgoing ERC-721 token transactions. We believe that this will ensure we cater to an active art community and people who are familiar with ERC-721 tokens and thus will appreciate our project more.

Following these requirements gave us 51,754 addresses that are eligible for the airdrop and ensured that the claimable amount is meaningful and claimants could actually use it to draw on the MurAll canvas, which is what we are trying to achieve.

We believe this is a fair distribution to users who will make the best use of PAINT. Claims can be made on the MurAll website up until 22nd January 2022 (365 days after the inception of the claim contract).


A trading pair for PAINT/ETH has been created by us, initially with a pool of 1 billion PAINT to 8 ETH:

The liquidity we provided has been locked until 06/02/2022:




MurAll is a digital collaborative mural on Ethereum that anyone anywhere in the world can draw on, without restrictions. See the Evolution. Be the Revolution.