MurAll — Update: March 2021

4 min readMar 11, 2021

Hi all, we’re writing this to keep you updated on the world of MurAll and where we’re at and what we have planned.

Firstly we would like to say a massive thank you to the community for embracing the project, giving us your feedback and sharing the love. It’s truly humbling to have such a passionate fan base and a great feeling seeing the beast we have created being used to create some cool art that is being immortalised on the blockchain! Keep up the good work guys!!!

Layer 2
As mentioned by a number of members of our community, Eth gas prices are crazy high and this affects the platform as some artists are holding off on minting until gas prices are low. This also affects trading of $PAINT. We have therefore been beavering away on a Layer 2 version of MurAll working with Polygon (formerly Matic) which should make trading and minting much cheaper.

This is something we are keen to get up and running soon as we are championing creativity and don’t really want cost to be such a big hurdle to overcome for aspiring artists. We are making good progress with this and will keep you informed as to when we will go live.

As part of the creation of MurAll L2 we will need to assign $PAINT to the Polygon system too. We have raised some funds which we will use to provide liquidity for Quickswap on Polygon when we go live…hopefully VERY soon.

We’re updating the homepage!

We are working on a brief update to the homepage following user feedback and suggestions from the community. The most drastic visually will be the live state of MurAll being visible on the landing page to help show off the cool drawings you guys are minting.

MurAll Decoder
MurAll is all about sharing what you have created with the world. In order to maximise the efficiency of getting your image data onto the blockchain, we had to create a proprietary image storage solution from the ground up. To allow our community to decode the image data stored on the blockchain and display as images, we will be releasing software that does exactly that.

This will start off as a more bare-bones solution at first (in the form of a downloadable code package) and maybe a more user-friendly version after that. This allows anyone to integrate the MurAll NFTs into their ecosystem more easily.

Mind blowing collaborations coming…

Part of the massive influx of messages of support for this project has included some proposals for collaborations. We are still in the early stages of discussions and negotiations but there are some potentially VERY exciting things on the horizon with some EXTREMELY exciting names.

Future projects
Once we have completed these initial tweaks to the MurAll experience we will begin working on the next phase of our project. The MurAll project is about giving artists the freedom to create artwork and express themselves without censorship from a centralised entity. For this reason we are looking to work on a Decentralised Marketplace for artists to buy and sell their art away from centralised control. This will also include a DAO (Decentralised Automated Organisation) as part of the system.

This is still in it’s planning stages but is something we are keen to get moving on as soon as possible. We are keen to make MurAll the best place for artwork created by, and governed by the people.

As always, carry on flexing those creative muscles, drawing and sharing, and keep engaged with our wonderful community.

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MurAll is a digital collaborative mural on Ethereum that anyone anywhere in the world can draw on, without restrictions. See the Evolution. Be the Revolution.