Frames AMA December 2021

2 min readDec 7, 2021

Following our live streamed AMA on YouTube we have put together the following list of key take aways:

  1. Frames first wave of the presale completed successfully and the NFTs are visible in OpenSea.
  2. We are experiencing some issues with OpenSea that mean the Frames page is displaying without a header or account image. This is doesn't affect your NFTs, it is more an aesthetic issue that is something we are in contact with the OpenSea team to rectify.
  3. We are in beta testing on the dApp which will allow Frame holders to mount their NFTs in their Frames
  4. There are 2 ways to use your Frame NFT:
    Mounting will mount your NFT in your Frame NFT in a gasless way whilst keeping the 2 NFTs separate.
    Binding will create a single NFT containing both your NFT and Frame that can then be traded as a single entity. This is a normal transaction so will involve gas. This is a reversible function though so if you ever wanted to split them back up…you can!
  5. We have some colabs in the bag already so keep your eyes peeled for when they are released.
  6. MetaMask has been quoting some CRAZY amounts when minting the Frames, this is an error with MetaMask quoting and the actual gas fees when minting your Frame are the same as minting any other NFT on the ETH network.
  7. Currently Frames are for ETH only NFTs as most popular NFT projects sit on Ethereum network so will have a bigger range of content available. We may explore other chain options in the future though.
  8. Your Frame will work on Decentraland or any other metaverse space.
  9. Wave 2 to be announced soon

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